Mahasamadhi is the state a yogi enters when they consciously make the decision to leave their body. This is only possible once they have already achieved God realization, or nirvikalpa samadhi, in which the yogi recognizes and experiences their true oneness and unity with God. To enter nirvikalpa samadhi is also to experience non-duality, where the perception of a duality of subject and object no longer exists. A yogi who has attained this is said to already dwell in a permanently enlightened state, which gives them the potential to enter mahasamadhi.

Mahasamadhi is a different experience to the death that happens for unenlightened beings. To enter mahasamadhi is an event that occurs only once. In making the decision to release their mortal body, the yogi also extinguishes their karma, thus ceasing the cycle of death and rebirth.

Psychology Phenomena {60} ~The False Consensus Effect

In psychology, the false consensus effect, also known as consensus bias, is a pervasive cognitive bias that causes people to “see their own behavioral choices and judgments as relatively common and appropriate to existing circumstances”. In other words, they assume that their personal qualities, characteristics, beliefs, and actions are relatively widespread through the general population.

This false consensus is significant because it increases self-esteem (overconfidence effect). It can be derived from a desire to conform and be liked by others in a social environment. This bias is especially prevalent in group settings where one thinks the collective opinion of their own group matches that of the larger population. Since the members of a group reach a consensus and rarely encounter those who dispute it, they tend to believe that everybody thinks the same way. The false-consensus effect is not restricted to cases where people believe that their values are shared by the majority, but it still manifests as an overestimate of the extent of their belief.

The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers {161} ~ Does Mediumship Improve When A Medium Becomes More Spiritually Advanced?

“ALWAYS, the higher the life the greater the mediumship. There is nothing worthwhile to be achieved unless you are prepared to sacrifice. Isn’t that what all of us who return to your world have to learn?” ~ The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers, P. 169