39 thoughts on “~3D, 4D & 5D~”

      1. Yes that is true, and it is interesting that you commented this because I was going to respond saying that I was joking and that I think there is a bit of everything going on lol

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      2. Haha, I thought you had a hint of sarcasm in there. Absolutely, dimensions and frequencies blending together with differing awareness levels. All concepts but needed for the human mind to grasp these things.

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      3. Hahaha nah I don’t really use a lot of sarcasm, only when it comes to certain jokes but I love to be straight forward and sincere haha.

        I agree with what you said wholeheartedly aswell lol

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      4. The only one that I don’t think is quite there yet is the 5D, especially when we are talking about heaven on earth, that still has a long way to go lol. But there seems to be some of everything.

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      5. Yes, I believe the ascension is happening and some are in 4D ascending to 5D.. all different soul paths blending together on earth. The Mayans believed 2012 was the end of the world and when calculated based on different means it equals to 2020 when the world changed forever..

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      6. Yes what you said about the ascension happening where some are in 4D ascending to 5D is something I am optimistic about also.

        Hahaha the info that you shared about the Mayan predictions is some really cool stuff but I tend to be very careful about the predictions because there have been many predictions and none of them actually happened when they were supposed to happen 🀣🀣

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      7. Yes.. however what if we see things in a different light. The NWO was commenced when the pandemic hit in 2020, the world is over as we knew it.. I do believe the Mayans knew it.. Many tribes across the world have forseen these times in ancients texts and from verbal wisdom.

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      8. Yes the thing about the Mayans is compelling and the matters that you have raised with me are thought provoking no doubt. These tribes have a way of knowing when things don’t feel right and we can learn alot from them.

        But my only issue is the people who claim to be able to decipher the Mayan cylinder and giving their own assessments about predictions that never happen when they say it will — they are always shifting the time that something is supposed to happen 🀣🀣

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      9. Very much so.

        I understand, there are many interpretations however if we look at the world now it seems as if they could be onto something.. Mainstream archaeology is pretty much unreliable due to the agenda they propagate.. how do we even know our true history??

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      10. That’s very true; so well stated and so well put forward my friend. We certainly can’t know all of the past on our own, and this is why every little bit of contribution into uncovering our ancient past helps. The life-knowledge that the Mayans themselves spoke about within their tales etc is indeed evaluable, but when it comes to the predictions that are made on their behalf, that name a specific date and time and they say “the earth will be destroyed by an asteroid tomorrow” or “the world will end on December 2021” and the date and time comes and nothing takes place, and then they come the next year with the same thing and nothing takes place, it becomes highly doubtful that they know what they are claiming to know about the Mayans lol

        You are so right, it is hard to know history that far back in time but it is the traces of true wisdom that speaks reality which gives us an indication that we are indeed on the right trail when it comes to history.

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      11. Yes. Wonderfully said. History is His-Story, how will we ever know the truths except golden nuggets found in myth decoded.. the dead speak through books and texts yet how do we know they have not been modified? We know nothing, a speck of nothingness…

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      12. Hahaha “His-Story” is funny. To your main point, that’s the tricky part, it’s up to us personally what we chose to believe and accept I can’t tell anyone what to like or dislike about history — it’s a very technical issue and everyone deals with it different.

        I personally go with where the wisdom is, so if an ancient text says that the sun is “hot” and then I go out into the sun and it is in fact hot, then this gives me the compulsion to be optimistic about that particular text πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      13. Oh yes sometimes we are manipulated but that is all apart of learning and growing up, we being to learn things through experience and are better able to identify and deal with situations that can be bad for us lol.

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