3 thoughts on “Many Of The Starseeds On Your Planet Are From Here”

  1. Damn it..

    My previous comment.. my synchronicity’s even with said documentaries relate to a close encounter with a ufo (the gimbal ufo if you find it on YouTube) at 11:08 on 11/08 which accurately stated when Pluto left a 4th house transit of my 4th house etc etc etc… UFO’s are spirits and have contact with shaman in South America.

    It shined a green light on me as i was driving and it’s the heart chakra which was why I was where I was hence my “numb” story.

    I need to sleep. All the best.

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    1. They do indeed contact shamans from around the world. Shamans from Peru have said this many times that they contact extraterrestrial beings, spirits.

      Wow, they showed you where you needed to be healed, your heart chakra had been blocked off. Feel free to share more about this story, I am very interested. Sleep well my friend.

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      1. I’d go into the full story but I’ve done that twice through discussions with writers, journalist, and documentary film makers where I know it takes 3-5 hours to tell it in full.
        The chakra thing could be my own connection that isn’t there. I’ve just never heard of green lights and it made I point for me to see it. My attitude then was I had enough going on and to deal with that I didn’t want bothered and I didn’t know what that was and I even dismissed it quickly as some large military drone to avoid it. The pentagon leaks to official release where it was shown plus the air pilot actually describing it a couple years ago is what made me accept it was exactly what I thought it was.

        The experiences I’ve had, even with a minor encounter, seems to be what other’s experience and I did chuckle when told my reluctance to discuss some of it is common also. Yes, weird stuff happens.

        As I put it then, my view is still similar. I think they’re linked somehow to Plato’s theory of forms.

        Numerology seems to be (with me) how whatever they are they communicate because number repetition (especially strange ones) are exactly right where those numbers guide me. My current job is from those numbers repetitions. I lost my job and didn’t get qualified for temporary unemployment and numbers kept showing up where I ended by with a better job and better environment.
        The journalist (knapp) said his involvement with the phenomenon is multi phenomenon (ghosts, poltergeists, cryptids) and they’re precognitive.
        As time went on through, I suppose, a spiritual journey, these synchronicity’s happen more and more often especially at pivotal moments.
        There’s a “p” symbol that many revolve around; it’s a circle made up of 4 P’s which is from 3 different things but it’s specifically related to the Kogi in Columbia and their warning to the world in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

        More soon, you can ask questions if there’s something specific because I forget things.

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