The Human Family Community Open Threads {8} ~ If There Is No Beginning Or End, What Is The Answer?

Welcome to “The Human Family Community Open Threads,” a project open for anyone who would like to express their feelings, make friends or talk about anything; if you feel suicidal, depressed, anxious or lonely during these times this project is here for you. Feel free to leave a comment below and connect, let’s start a conversation. No judgement, we don’t know until we walk in someone else’s shoes..

~DiosRaw 25/03/21

12 thoughts on “The Human Family Community Open Threads {8} ~ If There Is No Beginning Or End, What Is The Answer?”

  1. Many a human being is a learned judge of others’ situations and actions without stepping into their shoes.We need to open up, consider our neighbours better than us ,humble ourselves and reach out to them. Let’s build others up, or at least, can we just care to listen to them ?

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    1. Very true and wise words Saji. Thank you for sharing. What a different world we would be walking around in if we listened to these words..

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  2. Alright. I’ll try to help out by just throwing stuff on the wall.
    Not a fan of Jordan Peterson but I love Alan Watts.
    He’s my your Peterson equivalent. Weird sentence…

    I’m not depressed, suicidal, or any of those but I’m having a creeping up of insomnia. I know what and it’s that there’s a beginning and end.

    To explain it: I had a no good very bad day once years ago where I sacrificed a lot to be in a relationship that was bad for me. I did become depressed because everything was a plan for a future that I couldn’t see in the now. It was always “support me, support me, support me; then it’s your turn”. When my turn showed up I found out she started cheating because “college is supposed to fun and you’re always at work” and was hit in an intersection by a drunk driver speeding through a red light the next day.

    I ended up finding out I had injuries the hospital missed years later and need some bone grafting that’s insanely expensive so I saved up a crazy amount of money to pay for it up top. (Insurance wouldn’t cover it)
    Family offered to help out since they realized they hated I existed for no actual reason (they’re words) to find they’re so dysfunctional they don’t like anyone including themselves. My dad died. My uncle died. My grandparents died. I always wanted a closer family because I viewed why I stayed in a bad (self destructive) relationship for several years was trying to fill that void. I also know from childhood scorn and trust betray I don’t open up and let others in (heart chakra). I took time off work which absorbed all of the money saved up because that was my last chance to ever get to know them because, well, everyone other than my mom, brother died in a short period of time.
    The period was long and I had to push back a few romantic interests because I needed to put myself first and I was betrayed by each one up to having to rapidly change employment because one of those people was both a coworker and worked for my company HR.
    If you had an interest in someone would you, after their family was decimated, withhold their job because you wanted flowers? I’d hope not. 🤪
    So I switched employers only to have covid crash the economy and then have to start all over a few months later.

    What is causing the insomnia? Not being unhappy, sad, or anything. It’s just working towards the same goal for too long where small moments of “existing in the now” are not happening. I don’t live in the past, but I live too far into the future and exclude myself from my own present. Covid restrictions are putting many people in this same position which is cruel and also so bizarre because the government tends to not care about the well-being of its people which is breeding conspiracy theories on top of already existing anxiety. Which.. is why many social media accounts are likely getting flagged unjustly without cause.

    Remember in your bio where you said you lived isolated and in your room? One day I was angry (the angriest at the world I’ve ever been) where I had to meditate to be able to sleep. I wanted the world to experience the way I’ve had to live for a brief period of time just so they knew what it was like and introspect on being better people to others. Oddly enough it happened. It didn’t take long. Weeks.
    Mass hysteria.

    I joke that I caused it just because some people nicknamed me Damien over the years. I did have “visions” of a pandemic but I thought it was the swine flu. My attention span is bad so it’s hard for me to meditate.

    Beat that.. 🥳
    Nah, but the repetition of working hard for something that’s around the corner at some unknown time can exhaust me where I just can’t sleep sometimes. It’s off and on and goes away suddenly.
    Alan Watts has a famous “life is music” lecture and sometimes we get so caught up on the end of the song we forget we should dance and enjoy the music while it’s playing.

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    1. Hi, I adore Alan Watts too.. when going through my awakening he grew my awareness levels whilst going through the brainwashing of the education system, lecture after lecture gave me theory ready for spiritual practice.

      The world is corrupt and there is an agenda created long ago unfolding. Mass hysteria, indeed.

      Absolutely, the Alan Watts quote at the end is beautiful, the mystery of creation is just to be…

      I’m sorry you had such a hard time, sounds real rough, I hope things smooth out for you in life. I understand your insomnia very well. Big hug.

      Apologies if I don’t reply in full detail, I am building a blog and resting. Just know I see beyond the words of what you say and appreciate your mind, very interesting person who I can relate to very much. 🌹🙏

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      1. To me, the issue with Peterson that I have could probably be summed up in that Watts/Peterson paradox.

        Peterson said the shadow is something you get to know to weaponize it; I completely disagree and that’s probably the tone or shift where I strongly disagree.
        But it’s only slightly off, an easy mistake anyone can make at any time. I’m just like “that’s potentially dangerous and why you’re attracting the people you’re against; like fascists.”
        But you DO need to integrate it. How is the tough part.
        The trickster causing chaotic distraction could be a legitimate path, so it gets blurry.

        I didn’t like Watts at all up until a few or 5 years ago. Since I like astrology as a framework I can say I’m a Virgo rising so my “shadow” archetype is pisces as the descendant. Duality as a whole, they’re the same archetype. Watts would fall into that piscean side (and maybe your blog also). Watts also (its funny I looked) had a north Aquarius south leo moon axis and I have a leo sun, Aquarius moon axis and the pattern of me (philosophy wise) having an affinity for those lunar nodes is a pattern that exists.

        I may drop the 4 documentary names sometime if you’ve ever seen them or would want to watch. Some are on YouTube; 2 are older BBC docs. One may be pay to watch (it’s ufos, jungian analysis, and shaman) in Paraguay I think… then one someone had illegally uploaded and no copyright claimed .. yet.

        Astrology wise, my “healing” is Chiron in Taurus in the 8th.

        And.. yes. Blue aura, I’ll hear that from people/friends with high anxiety that I’m extremely calming to be around.

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      2. Yes, I agree with what you say about Peterson, I think if he had a wealth of knowledge on enlightenment, zen and spirituality, his teachings would be more holistic and integrated.

        Interesting, feel free to share the documentary names.

        They you go, your friends are refracting to you who you are. The world is a mirror. 🌹

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      3. From the heart of the world
        A witness of another world
        The Process Church of the Final Judgment

        Witness of Another World is the only hard one to find, the rest is easy to find on YouTube.
        The Process on relates to how I have weird synchronicity’s with their symbol; it’s out of left field but if you watched it their South American pilgrimage would interest you. You may find it personally relatable in some ways because they ended up homeless guided by higher multi-dimensional beings through group meditation.

        Peterson has his up side. He has a down but I don’t agree with everything Watts says either. I know people who like Ayn Rand but I know them where I get why; it kind of counter balances their own tendencies. They’ll say I’m similar to her, then I’m all 🤢… but there’s SOME similarities and I’m a bit self absorbed.
        With Peterson I usually just say I’m not big on him but love Joseph Campbell: mutual ground so I leave it at that.
        Peterson, at times, has enough self awareness he’ll admit mistakes. Once he recognizes that one he’ll be fine.

        He’s right in the sense that if PC culture keeps up it’ll prepress dark personality aspects which will go underground becoming much worse than they were before. I disagree about weaponizing it and agree with Jung it’s for creativity and arts. The “safe space” is in art, not mob dictatorship. We all have negative impulses and need creative channels to not fall victim.
        One of my friends is a psychiatrist and she’d give me books related to her work so I could discuss her work with her because few people take interest in how the mind works. One she shoved on me was a Jungian book on masochism because I refused to read anything on it. She didn’t read it herself though. I’ll admit, I was fascinated by it because it wasn’t as messed up as I thought. It’s a normal spiritual behavior that was deemed unhealthy by Freud which pushed it underground turning spiritual sexual experiences and fantasy into a meaningless compulsion and superficial. It turns into people being ashamed of themselves and want hurt because.. there’s many chapters on complexes and how they surface but mainly focuses on the non extremes everyone knows personally.
        But part of what’s going on in the world today with extremism is likely coming from PC culture and people repressing themselves where it shifts to an extreme.

        Mirrors.. I try really hard sometimes to remember what we all have in common is a subjective consciousness and the thing we call “us”, “me”, “my” is exactly the same so we are the same people just in different bodies of forms. That we are all god experiencing ourselves in every biological probability.

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      1. Day to day?
        Lately it’s all work and no play. I work in paper which is humorous if you’ve seen the office. “Paper? There’s nothing interesting about paper”. Not at all but by doing it I now know how much paper the world uses and what goes into it.
        NDA, I have to be careful about what’s said on social media for reasons I don’t know… the only one given was someone posted safety statistics and they nearly lost their job because people in Lebanon got injured in that explosion last year. So, possible extreme sensitivity? Who knows?

        If not working I usually watch movies, read, and go on hikes. Rarely get to do any of those lately.

        The mixture of being tired and some topics have me actually wondering if I caused the pandemic haha.. no but there’s another story and I stumbled on (by accident) things on that plus your talk of shamanism. I may have impacted someone’s health and attracted poltergeist activity on someone. Maybe.

        It sort of relates to what I’m looking at with astrology that’s dragging on because I don’t have the time to really deep dive; I DO have malefic alignments that are pretty strong and I do question what that means and what the proper way to channel that energy would be.

        For some reason something wants me to bring my attention to Pluto.

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      2. Unlikely.
        I’ll have to work overtime Friday night to Saturday morning where I’ll likely sleep and wake up when it’s dark; then I’ll have to go back in Sunday night to Monday morning. Possibly, but unlikely.
        You’ll have me all to yourself.. 🥰😘
        😛.. I’ll probably watch movies all night and catch up on sleep. Not sure what I’ll get into but it’ll be a quiet night to myself.


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