10 thoughts on “Words {11} ~ Opulence”

      1. I was little nervous in the morning. I forced myself to write a poem.

        I just went with flow. Ignoring if there maybe any mistake. “ The Lost Kingdom- A Gondwanaland story”, I write. The poem is based on saving animals and jungles.

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      2. Sounds very interesting, I am happy you went with it and bypassed the nervousness, hope you feel better Lokesh. I adore the name “The Gondwanaland” – what does it mean?

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      3. I doubt it.

        You must have heard of ancient super continent Pangea which was later divided into laurencia and gondwanaland.

        This theory is given by Edward Suess who was basically from England but originally belonged to somewhere in Austria. He has also connection with Australia.

        The existence of pangea has no poofs.

        Laurencia : North America, Europe, Greenland etc.

        Gondwanland : India, Africa, south america, Australia and antartica.

        Suess named The Gondwanaland in the name of gondwana region in central India. Gonds are a tribal minority community and I also come from tribes in India.

        However, The Gondwanaland is just a blog name which I needed to move forward otherwise all the time will be wasted in changing blog and domain names .
        No one has seen the Gondwanaland. Therefore, it is a matter of “Imagination”. I think I can write imaginative stories on the Gondwanaland. I’m working on it.

        Still, I’m unclear. My blog provide me open space to work on my ideas.

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