Symbols {40} ~ Snake

The snake is one of the most established spiritual symbols known, worshipped in some religions and detested in others. In Christianity the snake was held responsible for luring Eve to eat the forbidden fruit – which changed the entire course of mankind. While in Eastern cultures, the snake is considered to be a symbol of regeneration, death and rebirth.

14 thoughts on “Symbols {40} ~ Snake”

    1. Lesley, absolutely I agree. The bible may only be a metaphor anyway.. Snakes are beautiful beings, we have conditioned to believe otherwise.. πŸ”·οΈπŸ™πŸ»

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      1. I was a life-long Christian until recently, when I could no longer sweep my doubts under the carpet. The bible (and religion in general) is the cause of so much harm.

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      2. I am glad you made the choice to listen to yourself. It is because it is manipulated this way and the Bible has been messed with taking away the true message of reality.


  1. It is the very things we were taught to fear we need to examine. Just like the dragon….. It was a way to limit the cultural myths and beliefs that had much deeper meaning.

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