Philosophical Questions {9} ~ How Much Does Language Affect Our Thinking?

We exchange complex thoughts and ideas with one another, whether it be spoken aloud or written in ink; it’s also through language that we’re able to trigger emotions, imagination, and action. Linguistic relativity thesis, which says that the language you speak broadly affects or even determines the way you experience the world, from the way you perceive it, to the way you categorize it, to the way you cognize it is an interesting theory.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts below..

10 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {9} ~ How Much Does Language Affect Our Thinking?”

  1. Considering language is a fundamental aspect of culture… I would imagine it greatly impacts the way we think. It’s our primary tool to communicate. I imagine the way we use this tool reflects the way we organize our thoughts or perceive ourselves/the world. Can you imagine viewing varying dialects of a language as different schools of thought within a language?

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    1. Vincent, very true I believe.. Well said and thank you for sharing your thoughts. The more languages that we learn, the more ways we can express ourselves I think and broaden our scope of concepts and ways to perceive the world. Imagine all the ways we cannot see looking at the world due to language hindrances. The Tower Of Babel in the bible says about how languages were scattered, I believe this was so that man would have barriers in this world for a dark purpose, to think his fellow man is different than him and to stop us coming together..

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      1. Maybe the purpose for languages being scattered was for us over time to learn the commonalities? A means to find the links between one another. Perhaps it’s to guarentee that we can come in the endgame.

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      2. That’s to say, I think it’s easy for people to compare ourselves to someone else and find differences. It’s as if we look outward and say “that’s not me” to tell ourselves who we are and how we view ourselves(We “the internal” know who we are by say what we are not “the external”). Therefore learning a language would provide opportunity to breakdown a perceived barrier and open ourselves to seeing a common thread we might have not known about.

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      3. Very we’ll said, I agree. The brain tends to look for differences rather than similarities.. if you look for the similarities in life, I believe we would feel more connected. πŸ”·οΈπŸ™πŸ»

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    1. Indeed, it must be fascinating to be able to think in two languages and express yourself; maybe there is more concepts to explore and the scope of the mind is broadened when fluent in two languages. πŸ”·οΈπŸ™πŸ»

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