~Are You A Brain Slave?~

“Our school systems are all nonsynergetic. We take the whole child and fractionate the scope of his or her comprehending coordination by putting the children in elementary schools — to become preoccupied with elements or isolated facts only. Thereafter we force them to choose some specialization, forcing them to forget the whole. We may well ask how it happened that the entire scheme of advanced education is devoted exclusively to ever narrower specialization. We find that the historical beginnings of schools and tutoring were established, and economically supported by illiterate and vastly ambitious warlords who required a wide variety of brain slaves with which to logistically and ballistically overwhelm those who opposed their expansion of physical conquest. They also simultaneously DIVIDED and CONQUERED any and all “bright ones” who might otherwise rise within their realms to threaten their supremacy. The warlord vitiated their threat by making them all specialists and reserving to himself exclusively the right to think about and act comprehensively. The warlord made all those about him differentiators and reserved the function of integration to himself.” ~

Buckminster Fuller, Presentation to U.S. Congressional Sub-Committee (1969)

2 thoughts on “~Are You A Brain Slave?~”

  1. 💜 As Ever a Great, Informative Post EveryOne; as SomeOne who is in a 5DState CHOOSING!!! to Continue 3DEnvironment Existence I Suggest The Whole of Parental Conditioning from Our Childhood and TeenAge UpBringing, especially Conventional “Education”, is PAPOAP (Part And Parcel Of A Process) that I and Many Others Refer to as Energetic Growth and Development, “Education” and Evolution which, put simply in a Word, is Ascension…it’s essentially a Challenge; ironically it means having an Existential Experience Learning and UnLearning in Order to Experience…which is why We ARE Here; in Order To Be and to Have a 3DExperience


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