Poetry By Kritika & Amber {4} ~ Artistic Endeavours

Dipping paint tools into his soul, the artist dreams his own projected nature onto his masterpieces; where his solace of silence spurs into a rendition of the conceptual unspoken.

The patient strokes playing the soft tune on a piano, steadily relaxing the unbalanced state; teleporting from the shelf of chaos to the tranquility of the calm sea.

Replicating the transience of human form onto easels, vending his zeal to maintain a living modality; dreaming up contours and placed betwixt the light and his canvas, so that his shadow is cast upon his endeavours. Painting
is perceived as his poetic therapy, exuberating language espoused through various mediums.

A rhyme dipped in paints of varied hues falls on the blank canvas like the autumn leaves falling on the earth which embraces each with pleasure. The poet, thus, contemplates his feelings, sculpting each in variations mirroring exactly as the heart conveys.

Dwelling, soaking and bathing
in the waters of the art of simplicity, the ultimate form of sophistication; capturing complex concepts into a multiplex of words detonating onto trees shaved into paper by the cogs of society for the use of human artists internationally. Entanglements of the
etheric cosmic mind images into third dimensional reality manifestation.

Years of scrutinized engagements, on display the embroidery of his feelings in different types of threads from soft to hard spread widely on the cloth of life.

Inspiration soaks up the dew of consciousness embodying the material of the originator. An antenna receiving signals; sweating, blowing up ingenuity, fuses crackle overwhelmed by sensory inventiveness. The artist mirrored in his piece, revealing wonders of the soul marinated withininnovation, gazes awe stricken in their own image.

Wiping the salty mist on forehead, the content creator with the confidence of a monarch stands.To the unknown world, his eyes speak of the vibrant colours of rainbow and stature, his artistry.

~Kritika {ValorousBird} & Amber {DiosRaw}

~If you’d like to collaborate, feel free to find my email on this blog’s connect page.~

11 thoughts on “Poetry By Kritika & Amber {4} ~ Artistic Endeavours”

  1. This stole my heart – “on display the embroidery of his feelings in different types of threads from soft to hard spread widely on the cloth of life” the verbose rains and drench my soul.

    Liked by 2 people

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