13 thoughts on “~Proverbs {970}~”

      1. Good proverbs are always apt, it’s the truth buried in them that shows the truth and the way. That’s why I love when you post them. It is interesting, makes me think, and also helps me build my own tapestry so that I can try to make it fit into the universal one. There may be holes where others have not worked on their section, but overall, I think we can create a pretty good one that shall create understanding and love that is that can blanket almost everyone. In turn, we have all built the shelter that everyone lives in, so every man has built the shelter so it is no one man’s creation.

        The hippies almost got it right, but their ideal was not what was truly best for the full experience, it was more an experience that was individual rather than as a true group. We can get there if more people create their tapestries together.

        And yes, I realize I’m also using one of the other proverbs in this comment. that’s the purpose of them, right? To learn from each one.

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