I peel back your caressed skin

Pressing my tongue against the folds of your flesh

Juices flow endlessly, ebbing and flowing out of orifices

Your flavours my soul savors as I skillfully finesse

My tongue, fingers and teeth in the depths of your deep crevasse

Immersed in your sweet nectar, the scent stains and soaks my breathe

The taste of you, decadent, animal, richness that sustains

You captivated my tongue

I craved you electromagnetically

Hard mineral

Smoky quartz

Pellucid, dark

Moonlight inside me

You bent me over like a moonbeam

And I shone glassy like moonstone

You vacated your shadow here with me

A dark impression of you remains

Blackly radiant with your kisses

Resinous scents

Of peppermint and amber

Haunting mystical enchantment

Dissolving golden rays

Whiffs of fragrant sweet tobacco smoke

Linger in nighttime sadness, melancholic blues

Midnight salt and sweat of your skin

Lingers on my tongue

Redolent spice

You are inside me still

I can feel you, writhing in and out

Our souls touching and conversing

At the hinges

Memories of ecstasy, of betrayal

These rich, royal colors

All this pleasure and pain

Dark amethyst hues held within my glassy heart

In the same dangerous, enticing, volatile manner

That an enigmatic old bottle contains a djinn

One body, one aura growing immeasurably

Hanging in the light that melted borders and thoughts

All sentient beings coaseled, we were not alone

Horizons inconceivable to the human mind freed themselves from restraints

Immersed and saturated in the cosmic tantric dance

Kundalini entwined and shooting through the crown chakras blockage


~DiosRaw, 19/08/21

6 thoughts on “Poetry {151} ~ EROTICA {1} ~ DJINN ECSTACY INTERSTELLAR RAYS”

  1. Such fortunate soul she is, to be admired by someone who is in such true deep emotions. You have given an soulful portrayal of a beautiful love song dear Poet.

    Liked by 1 person

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