7 thoughts on “Notes {940}”

    1. “The body lives in the real world. The mind lives in a construct of electrical and chemical impulses that interprets the real world. The mind is where we do our best to make sense of what actually is real and of what we want reality to be. The information we get into our minds is incomplete (we really know very little of the universe) and imperfect (we misinterpret things often). Our minds make up stories to explain what our bodies are going through.
      Our bodies have a long history that probably started when our sun’s parent star went supernova, and all the elements that made us coalesced into the third little rock on the ensuing accretion disk which formed all the planets. All of those elements eventually organized into bits that naturally fit together, and, under the influence of the steady energy from the sun and the driving heat from inside the planet, began to self-organize and assemble. The next 3.5 billion years, organization and replication went through trillions of trials and errors which led eventually to chordate tetrapods with brains that were able to grasp electrochemical information and make up stories to make sense of it all.
      Our minds make up stories. Our bodies exist because they have the wisdom of a 3.5 billion year successful journey that our minds are only just now learning about. The body is real, and it is successful, as is evidenced by us being alive to contemplate any of this. The mind is trying to figure it all out. There is more wisdom in the success story of our bodies than even some of the best stuff we make up to explain it in our minds.”

      Check this page out and let me know what you think ~ https://www.quora.com/Why-did-Friedrich-Nietzsche-say-There-is-more-wisdom-in-your-body-than-in-your-deepest-philosophy ♥️

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      1. Yes, Dios, thank you very much for this interesting piece of reference. Well Dios, my question is, isn’t that the mind that is making up the above story too in real sense? Even if the body is real and successful, it needs mind to figure it all out, it needs mind to explain it in our sense. Body is nothing without mind. I believe Stephen Hawking was witnessed using his mind even though he had motor neurone disease for fifty years.Therefore though bodies may have such and such evidence of success stories, don’t you think mind is the subtle entity yet conscious component connected to brain which in charge of wisdom of deepest philosophy? Intelligence in the bodies is not essentially necessary for the mind to master wisdom. What’s your say on this, my Dios?

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