I sit unchaperoned in the cyberspace home

Queen of my universe on my internet throne

Searching through threads for my cyberspace intrigues

Born in a fantasy

Died in a dream

Reality on the liminal through a sea of doubt

My cyberspace soul dissipates when my avatar user logs out

Into this wondrous realm we swim and drown

A pixel powered virtual landscape

Of neurotransmitter transmissions patterned on the human brain

Peopled by avatars

Head hunched forward
Brain plugged in
Cyberspace awaits
Fingers clicking
Eyes scanning
Detached from reality
My hourly fix
Oblivious to the world
From flesh and bone

A daily vacation from the pains of earthly reality

In this domain we can go anywhere, we can be anyone, we can know anything

We are demigods of cyberspace

Do we seek to master technology and
undergo symbiosis with the machine?

Fuse our bodies, twine our brains

Merge our minds and delve into cyberspace

We will achieve singularity and evolve into a birthed technological butterfly from the cocoon?

Cyberdelia, is this what we want? Are we allowing this to occur?

Immersion in cyberspace as cyber phenomena blends into our subconscious linking

Cybernautic dreams

Fractal algorithms


Transhumanism insanity?

Is this the wet dream of an elite calamity?

Now we’re detached from baseline earthly “normality.”

~DiosRaw, 02/09/21

10 thoughts on “Poetry {161} ~ DEMIGODS OF CYBERSPACE”

  1. The godsend elite rain of honesty and goodness within the cyberspace which is the questioning the mind of insanity, is coming to a realisation that the God head have visited the physical brain via cyberspace which adds sparkle within you and me, the cyberspace souls. Yes, now we’re detached from baseline earthly “normality.” Time to admit that we are a humble part of technology evolution.

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    1. It is here now, we are a part of the technology evolution, it’s about our intention when using it.. However it is such an easy thing to get addicted to, so quickly.. Appreciate your thoughts Niyathy. 🙏🏻

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      1. Exactly Dios. It’s all about intention. Also I don’t see it as an addiction.For me, it’s learning. Can learning ever be an addiction?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Can anything become an addiction? Learning can be an addiction, it depends on if we use it in an addictive way for reasons outlined as per addictive behaviours. 🙏🏻♥️

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