Healing Therapies {3} ~ Chromotherpay/Colour Therapy

As a form of self-care, this could involve looking at or handling things in colours you find calming. Anecdotally, people believe that while red promotes anxiety, blue can have a soothing effect. Others say that pink reduces aggression. Because everyone is different, it’s more important just to spend the time with the colours that you find uplifting, whether that’s by noticing them in nature or looking at pictures online. 

There are also colour therapists, who focus more specifically on the idea that, because light moves in waves of varying lengths, each colour has a different wavelength and therefore we sense them all individually.

Colour therapists believe that different colours in the spectrum can harmonise or rebalance the body’s inner vibrations. A colour therapy session may look at ways certain colours are corresponding to aspects of your life, and invite you to talk about what that may mean.

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