Psychology Phenomena {4} ~ Cinderella Effect

In evolutionary psychology, the Cinderella effect is the phenomenon of higher incidences of different forms of child abuse and mistreatment by stepparents than by biological parents. It takes its name from the fairy tale character Cinderella, which is about a girl who is mistreated by her stepsisters and stepmother. Evolutionary psychologists describe the effect as a byproduct of a bias towards kin, and a conflict between reproductive partners of investing in young that are unrelated to one partner. There is both supporting evidence for this theory and criticism against it.

2 thoughts on “Psychology Phenomena {4} ~ Cinderella Effect”

  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s a horrible phenomenon. Now, that I think of it, Cinderella may have been a very early prod toward my interest in studying psychology bc I remember noticing the bias and then being stunned to learn that the young lady functioning as the maid was actually a daughter, although not a biological one. I recall my mom explaining what step children and parents are.

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