~Discernment In The Devil’s Playground~

You need to develop your ability of discernment. It is crucial in these drastically changing times on earth.
You are living on a planet where Satan is worshipped. Those who have ruled over you, those who have created the capitalistic system of modern-day slavery for you and those who have entertained you to distract you from it all, they all worship Satan. They perform dark acts of the occult faith that are far more evil than what you can imagine. These evil creatures have been in power on planet earth since the beginning… This has given them plenty of time to infiltrate all and everything. ~ Unknown

6 thoughts on “~Discernment In The Devil’s Playground~”

  1. Do you truly agree with this Dios? Don’t you believe that it’s the faith that matters and not what we worship to? If someone’s belief is worshipping Satan,we got to respect their belief.Do you think we have rights to criticise them? We cannot analyse what we haven’t experienced.

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