To pioneer to go where no mind, no fractal of the Godhead, has gone hereafter

In altered states of awareness we will explore consciousness to the limits of our understanding and beyond

Cracking open the lid of sanity

We know not what we might find in the unknown unchartered territories of mind

We are soul-sailors, navigators of the spirit

Were existence a sandbox and the psyche, our playground

We venture into the ever-renewing realms of mind in our perpetual journey to define this phenomenal life

Life is chemical; Welcome to The Entheon

In transcendention we become champions of the empyrean, our purpose is entheos

For in our very being the greatest of discoveries will be made

We would travel to the hallowed temples of beyond

A metaphysical pilgrimage

We pray to them, with them, in them

They are processes, places within which we can comprehend

A modulation of mental activity, configurations of mind

How well-equipped our astronauts are

Such rigorous standards set for them by their governments {giggles}

To protect psychonauts for their own safety of breaking the chains and seeing through the slavery of this world

Ultimately our notation will fail the exploration of inner-space, no metric can adequately represent how we navigate a soul

The territory we meander through is so different yet we share unified landscapes, an inkling between people in cortex and vortex fields

There is this feeling that some experiences are ineffable

States of mind that dissolve through self-concept, dissipating our components, ego, id or conceptual understandings of the self

We must reconcile postmodern relativism with the richness of our own subjectivity.

~DiosRaw, 09/09/21

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