Philosophical Questions {108} ~ What Would Happen If We Could Live Earthly Life Forever?

I would say that there would be a population explosion if we were to live forever on earth, and I do believe that our soul’s chose a time frame for our lives to learn, grow and expand.. Would we get bored? Would we crave death to transform our existence? Is it possible to live along another spectrum of existence? How would we function and go about our days here?

Feel free to share your thoughts below…

17 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {108} ~ What Would Happen If We Could Live Earthly Life Forever?”

  1. I agree with your prediction, my Dios.
    For me personally there will be more time to work on, “Pathinarum petru peru vazhvu vazhga”, which i am blessed with that especially translates to, “Lead a great life by acquiring sixteen kind of wealth”. For me the abundant wealth is kids.😉

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      1. Glad to know you are well, my love. I am great. Finally, I am where I belong to. Life couldn’t be more pleasing than this. Thank you. ♥️🙏

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  2. Let us understand death first to configure the immortal life. Death is not an occurrence that needed to be mournful. It is an opportunity for the people around to show gratitude for the fellow beings. Spiritually knowing the nature of the self they become immortal, freedom of time, free from birth and free from death. If you dwell deeper every experience of actions, words and deeds is saved as a energy hence it is never mortal. Immortality is applied to the soul that keeps on taking many birth cycles. This growing – greying – going must be a misconception, ie, it is not a fact. Therefore this is a journey from a false notion to a fact. Whoever goes through the cycle of samsara is a mortal. And one who escapes from this is immortal. Hence it is a journey from mortality to immortality.

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