8 thoughts on “Notes {987}”

  1. 🧐

    My ex fiancée used to tell once we mate that’s it. It’s you and me forever. Once he got what he wanted he assaulted me left me for dead and fled to another woman’s bed

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      1. Was pretty shitty he did that. Yep 👍 definitely better now that he’s not in my life but the individual who did it has a fake blog account and frequents your page 👆 just a tip off

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      2. Thanks 🙏🏼 while I’ve taken the last two months to heal and reflect on all the abuse he inflicted and his behaviors… he left me for dead and fled into another woman’s bed. I’d says I’m doing a lot better than him at this point. He’s still heavily drugging drinking and fucking to medicate rather than deal with his bs

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      3. ☺️👌which means when I meet someone which I will. When I’m ready . I’m gonna be far happier than he could have ever made me. And he’ll be on his tenth victim by then still fleeting and never finding his happiness because he lack to look in the right place for it. Meanwhile, I’m on dump run tomorrow. Got a scooter and bags of junk to throw away 😉

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