Her ubiquitous scavenging, traversing the well of her mind to try and find herself in places that didn’t exist

Diamonds glinting and glitching amidst other reminants of stardust

Struck of a gypsy’s celestial adoration and awe

Crashed and sizzled in the womb of earthly intentions

Ultimate shimmers escalated upon fiercely impetuous seas and unknowns

Each dappling luminescent wave
saturated of splendiferous galaxies

Bathed in heavens’ stellar effulgence

Mesmerizing wanderlust’s magnificent indulgences

An abundance of fruits, some ripened, others soured and others became new life

We live betwixt good and evil in our earthly hearts

Revealing our true nature through deeds and endeavors

Split personalities, if only we’d allow ourselves to be ourselves rather than splice the ego to fit the puzzle perceived necessary

Life behind shadows, society beckons, rules please conform

Truth is lost, we fall to dust

Now unlatched, the soul submerges into wanderlust.

~DiosRaw, 11/09/21

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