Symbols {144} ~ Anubis

Anubis is the Egyptian god of the dead. He was first mentioned in the Pyramid Texts of Ancient Egypt. Anubis is depicted as a young man with a jackal’s head. He is the god of mummification. One of the symbols of Anubis is a stylized jackal head. Jackals were found in graveyards, so the Egyptians portrayed Anubis with a jackal’s head.

Anubis guided people through the underworld and performed the weighing of the heart ritual. A person’s heart was weighed after he died and if it was heavy with sin, the person could not enter the afterlife.

Another symbol of Anubis is an oval like circle on top of a cross. This is the top of a was scepter. This scepter symbolizes power and dominion and was carried by Anubis. The symbol can be found on tombs or coffins.

6 thoughts on “Symbols {144} ~ Anubis”

      1. Bought it in Cairo 1951 during army service in the canal Zone. It has all the coloured illustrations of the murals, not included in modern editions.

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      2. Wow, our history has been modified and baked with half-truths.. Don’t you think? You are blessed to have this copy. How was the army service?


      3. Not so bad, conscripted 6 months after graduation. When I was faced with overseas service I wanted to put off marriage off until I returned. She was so upset I proposed and had a honeymoon a few weeks on the south coast.
        An MO in the RAMC has leisurely time in the absence of conflict. When another 6 months were imposed as we were ready for demob, caused my wife to fly out and we had an enjoyable time stationed in Port Suez.
        She got a job in the military hospital and we contrived for our off times to be the same.

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