6 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {111} ~ Is It Important To Start A Family?”

  1. As per Hindu concept of dharma there are 4 stages of life namely Brahmacharya (Student), Grihastha (Householder), Vanaprashtha (Retirement) and Sannyasa (Ascetic Renunciation). Starting a family falls under Grihasta Asrama. Technically grihasta environment is apt for sharpening the karma yoga attitude which leads to readiness for Jnana yoga and the key factor is dedicating our role responsibility to divination and thus fulfill the duty as a whole. The goal is to develop the dispassion for the impermanent sense objects and desires. It is vital to master your sense organs and the mind, so that they are disciplined and ready for the self knowledge. This is achieved by shunning the unwanted thoughts and refining the discrimination skills. Hence, it is not a do it yourself option rather is to analyse if one’s pursuit to higher self is strong, steady and ongoing.

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