8 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {112} ~ Do Young People Value Things Differently Than Adults?”

  1. There is a reason why they are called young because of their hormonal development stage and their conceiving of experiences. Any religion will teach to avoid sinful thoughts, actions and misdeeds, but it is the responsibility of the respective parents, teachers to guide them an appropriate ways. In chandokya Upanishad a boy named satyakama seeking to enter tutelage of a respected acharya (teacher) undergoes this question. The boy knows his acceptance is based on subject to knowing his kula-gotra (lineage) of the student and asks for his mother jabala details. The mother jabala is a young widow who lost her husband and wasn’t aware of his details so she asks the boy to tell the teacher that his name is ‘Satyakama Jabala’ after his mother’s name ‘Jabala’. The boy expresses the same to the acharya who is pleased with the boy’s traits of speaking the truth and takes him as a student. So, irrespective of the age differences the value of values must be taught and followed whether young, adult or aged. Nurturing is the key here under a reputed, qualified gurus.

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  2. I strongly believe they do and I think it’s normal because there is a generating gap. Besides, the world keeps changing constantly and each generation has different perceptions of the way things happen. I see it already with my children. I don’t agree with the idea that adults are always right. We’ve make so many mistakes. I learn a lot with the young people. This is very interesting subject. Thank you for bringing it here Amber! β€πŸ™πŸ»

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  3. I believe they do only because they are developing their own values and what they consider important to them…the world keeps changing.

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