The zombie has opinions and impressions regarding nutrition but lives off of delectable urban debris

Isn’t the halloween narrative quotidian?

Zombies disguised incognito by the endless forms of human flesh

A masquerade religiously ensembles

The zombie is on the technological devices once again, where a vacancy of nobody knows he is a zombie

The zombie resembles to be listening but is orgasming over his phone, drooling, whilst sucking himself into a vortex via YouTube wormhole

The zombie masticates the hand that feeds him

The zombie does not mind poison if it means saving money and appearing frugal

The zombie is in resistance to bad things, he is morally superior he imagines

The zombie is not a sheep

The zombie is wilting of loneliness but can’t ever seem to connect the line

The zombie is spreading deserts and drowning deltas

The zombie is standing up for what’s right, on facebook behind glass walls

The zombie feels guilty sometimes but ultimately not personally responsible

The zombie is tired, not enough sleep, not enough brains

The zombie doesn’t need you, he just wants you, when he sees you

The zombie hungers for your mind

The zombie fabricates an existence where he is free

The apocalypse is upon us now, not as you may think, they’re head down, hypnosis by a screen, to protect himself from his own conscious and conscience clown

The zombie may have made you one of his kind

You will never know because zombies don’t know they’re zombies.

~DiosRaw, 14/09/21


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