~Sapta Urdhvaloka~

Sapta urdhvaloka is Sanskrit for the “seven upper worlds” of the fourteen lokas, or planes of existence. Sapta urdvaloka is comprised of 3 Sanskrit words: sapta, meaning “seven,” urdhva, meaning “upward or upper” and loka, meaning “world.”

The foutreen lokas are divided into seven upper and seven lower worlds. The seven upper worlds are also known as the Seven Vyahritis in Sanskrit, with “vyahritis” representing the concept of “opening into the world.”

10 thoughts on “~Sapta Urdhvaloka~”

    1. I believe it’s relevance is to teach about Hindu culture and ancient scriptures, it can expand the horizons of our minds to think of different concepts of reality.

      I’m doing okay my friend and you? 🙏🏻♥️

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