~Vishnu Sahasranama~

The “Vishnu Sahasranama,” or the “Thousand Names of Vishnu,” is a list of one thousand names for the Hindu god, Vishnu. This list is arranged in the form of a devotional song of praise and is widely used as a chant by Vishnu devotees.

As a chant, the “Vishnu Sahasranama” appears in the “Mahabarata” by Sri Veda Vyaasa. The narrative follows the commentary of Shankaracharya.

2 thoughts on “~Vishnu Sahasranama~”

  1. Let us understand that lord do not sit in an exotic place called heaven and create the world. There was never a separation between Bagawan and the world. All the names and forms are to understand the sense of connectedness. Hence some have a sanitised version of god which are just viewpoints. Therefore the sounds of mantras including Vishnu Sahasranama are known to produce beneficial effects in terms of curing illness, contributing to different mental states and actually creates an impact on the nadis energy channels of the body.

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