3 thoughts on “Notes {1027}”

  1. Hey Dios, Do you believe Carl Jung has deeper understanding in law of cause and effect ? If there is the realisation of this concept in a man, they will accept his inner factors of this life and beyond with grace.

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    1. Hello Niyathy, I do believe Jung studied Eastern religions, from my knowledge he does have an understanding of the universal laws. I’d look into him and research him as he is a fascinating character, Carl Jung as a psychologist and philosopher made a pivotal mark during the 1900s.. ♥️

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      1. Thank you Dios. I understand that Jung believed that the human psyche had three parts: the ego, personal unconscious and collective unconscious. It is his theory. I respect that. But my question is, how can one set a theory on unconscious when he experience only conscious consciousness? I believe there is NO such thing as the unconscious; there are only experiences of which we are aware, and others of which we are not aware, that is, of which is beyond human mind.Your Jung fails to inspire me.😉

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