4 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {113} ~ Should The Death Penalty Be Legal?”

    1. It isn’t simple, yet I would say that no one should have the death penalty.. The deep truth is that we are all hurt humans and pain makes us go insane in a sense which leads to horrific acts. What is really needed is rehabilitation centres that aid people in understanding why they did what they did and to get them back to a healthy state of mental health. I don’t condone bad behaviour yet all of us have pains and I think it’s about educating and understanding the self. ♥️

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  1. I believe that nobody is qualified to take a life of the fellow human being whether it is a death penalty or euthanasia. Religiously many myths exist to provide an insight of destructing the devilish person, but may induce wrong ideas for the ignorant souls. Take an example from Bagavad-Gita where Arjuna on a battlefield gets panicking when he sees his own family members as the opponent (Kauravas). The rules of death penalty differ when it comes to Dharmic actions, family ties and worldly affairs. So remember that Arjuna was asked by the Lord Krishna to perform his Kshatriya (Military) duty in spite of his own son Abhimanyu’s death in the Kurukshetra war. So the point being death by natural or unnatural occurs only at once where freewill of humans is not wrongly used.

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