Guest Posts {31} ~ The Miserable Nature Of Suffering

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When Siddhartha Gautama became Buddha, The first knowledge he gave which is known as noble truth is this: This world is nothing but suffering.

I will make this clear for you:

Look at my situation right now. I am from poor family and I will be very happy if I could buy a nice house in the main city. But this is not possible right now. Or I will be happy if I get a nice car. But I am also incapable of this. See, desires are there. Everybody desires something, but if we are not able to fulfill it, this causes loophole or emptiness within us that causes suffering.

So, what is the cause of desire? Me, myself. So, I am also responsible for all these miseries and sufferings.

Let’s understand this more clearly:

We can compare our desires with the fire, a fire that fires us from within. This fire creates hunger for something that creates impulse and grabs that desirable thing and generates a feeling of satisfaction. This sense of satisfaction becomes happiness. But if we don’t get that thing, then we experience anger and sadness because our fire of desire didn’t get completed and it’s burning us from within.

This is the truth of our material world. If we are longing for something and didn’t get it, then nobody can make us happy. But what if our desires get fulfilled? Does this fire get exhausted?

A big NO. Its like adding fuel to the fire. The fire becomes wild, will get bigger. So, by adding this desirable thing in this fire of desire is nothing but a fuel that will drive this desire crazy. This is the truth that common people don’t understand.

When we desire about something, maybe someone, maybe a position, maybe money then sadness arises. It is like an agreement that you set for yourself that unless you get the thing that you desire or get someone you love, you will remain unhappy. But as you get that thing, you will experience a moment of happiness and after that you will worry if you will lose that thing. But at the end, you are definitely going to lose as everything is temporary. Either, you will lose that thing or that thing will depart from you. And then the same suffering and sadness. Or after sometime that particular thing will stop giving you happiness and again same sadness. This is bondage.

As long as you are in the search of happiness and satisfaction in the outside world, you are unknowingly sowing the seed of sadness and suffering. If you observe, you will find that for a small piece of satisfaction and happiness, you have to carry a mountain of sadness and suffering. And this is Maya(illusion). This is the bitter reality of this world.

So, now the question arises, why did the god created this miserable world?

The answer is god didn’t create this. We created this for ourselves. And now we have to make this right. The sadness that we are facing, and the bondages that we are struggling for, we are the reason for this and nobody. We are the maker of our own destiny. In fact there’s no such thing as destiny and luck, our life is the fruit of our past karma. As we are the maker of our karma, we are also capable enough to destroy it.

A caterpillar from its own body develops cocoon and surrounds itself and at the end it captivates itself. Now how much it screams or cries nobody will help him. It has to struggle and come out by itself. And after it comes out it becomes a beautiful butterfly.

It is the same for us humans. For eternity, we are captivating ourselves with karmas. We cry and scream for these bondages. But our voices are unheard. We ourselves have to struggle and get rid of these bondages.

Acharya Shankar says,” The cause of this bondage is Ignorance that we think that we are this body and mind.”

Humans are not suffering because of their nature. Their nature is pure. Every human is divine. Every person you see is nobody but Shiva, just covered by ignorance and nothing. And this ignorance cause bondage. Ignorance is the cause of sadness. Ignorance is the cause of all sins. Only knowledge can liberate us.

In Vedanta, the path or the yoga that is told most important is the Gyan Yoga. This is the most difficult yoga. We will discuss this in stages.

So, Gyan is a Sanskrit word taken from root verb “Jna” meaning “Knowledge”, and Yoga also derived from Sanskrit root “Yuj” meaning “to join”, in deep sense yoga means aligning oneself with the universe.

So, what is this gyan yoga?

So, gyan yoga is the path of knowledge, this path of knowledge is the experiential knowledge of the self. One set foot on this path through knowledge of literatures, scriptures and listening to guru and ultimately grace flows through him bringing mind back to purity.

What is the goal of gyan yoga?

The goal is liberation, but liberation from what? Liberation from the suffering of this world, liberation from our own making of dissatisfaction meaning cause of misery is our bondages with the world. And the cause of bondage is we, our-self.

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4 thoughts on “Guest Posts {31} ~ The Miserable Nature Of Suffering”

  1. Yes you are absolutely right ,we are the cause of our own sufferings due to our desires, and our life is the fruit of our past karma and yes gyan yoga is the path of knowledge. You have written beautifully 👌🌹❣️🍫 thank you.

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