6 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {114} ~ Do You Believe You Are Beautiful?”

  1. For every crow, her chick is golden chick – Tamil proverb ( காக்கைக்கும் தன் குஞ்சு பொன் குஞ்சு )

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  2. Well human beings have limitless innate beauty within and without sensory perceptions. By Jnana yoga one transcends the identification with the body mind complex. Nidhidhyasanam (self enquiry) is required to saturate the subconscious mind that ‘I am the attribute-less nature of Purna (Whole) Soundarya (beauty)’ where the binding desires are voided. There is a ancient texts called ‘Soundarya Lahiri’ which dwells on the beauty of mother goddess and it has a verse that brings the Citta (Consciousness) and Anandalahiri (happiness waves) together to convey that ‘Everything is manifestations of nature’. Hence, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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  3. A belief in anything, to some, is innate, to others, it takes consideration and practice, just like any kind of skill. Personally, I had to learn that I was indeed, beautiful. Through another learned skill: self-acceptance and working through my pain. I believe there were many things that blinded my ability to see my beauty.

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