Dwelling where the tears dry in blood stains

Echoed nightmares ghost my tortured young innocent shell

In streets not paved in gold

But misery mountains that I scale everyday

Wearily sauntering around their slippy slopes

For a cigarette butt or piece of fruit to trigger some chemicals on the way

To keep afloat for a few hours


As I die a little bit more everyday

Sitting on my concrete throne chained to the only thing I know, my backpack

An abyss of loneliness
My friend, my foe

As I die a little bit more everyday

Without the courage to end it

Or the will to go on

The vagabond wanders aimlessly

Under the artificial lights


Cold waves gushing and crashing into the night shiver

Diurnal souls in the comfort of cosy beds dreaming in the astral planes

But like nocturnal birds I’m awake

Benumbed and desolate and destaught

Prying to catch a sight of fire in some form

In the meantime

Trying to guard the cold with my bare whipped icey skin


My eyes glaze over

Ice burns my soul

Another countless night passes

Out here on this endless road

Food or smoke? Limited choices

To get through another sleepless frozen dusk and dawn

Am I to survive this night with men with knive


As you disguise yourself, on benches,
in corners, alleys and streets

Hidden in woods and underpasses of freeways

Tents, cars of strangers and filthy squat abodes with rats as the first pitter patter of morning echos and mold as a bacterial presence

You disappear, to find comfort in the only place left to heal.

~DiosRaw, 16/09/21

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