4 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {115} ~ What Is The Goal Of Animal & Plant Life?”

  1. Whether it is a plant or animals, one life form feeds upon another. Every life form requires food of some kind and their contribution to the Eco-system have a value for life. Animals are pre-programmed in a particular dietary knowledge and they need only to locate their food. What differs is the sentient nature of awareness in all the beings and posses same conscious ability to perceive threats to life or to struggle to perceive life. Plants are rooted in one place and quietly yield their fruits for fellow living beings, often they are not killed and continue growing even after.

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  2. hey dios, i want to believe that every cub crawls and every bud blossoms with divine beauty; alluring in their own way, would never ever have an idea of returning to the source.i want to believe that they are free from law of karma. they never act. they just be. every animal and every plant are here to remind the human beings – us; that this is the kingdom of God that we humans are yearning for.

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