I woke up within the infinite dream of an archangel

Memories of gaia

Reflected on a river, I forced shut my eyes

To salvage what reason holds but was swept away by light

Angels walk among us each and everyday

The Godhead sends them to us when he’s not ready for us to leave

Angels walk among us, though you may never see

They hide in plain sight, I know because they saved me

Who am I to deserve? I was once a Queen but now I serve

Who am I to dream of hope?

A sinner, I inhale pain to cope

Who am I to exhale a wish?

Angels I’ve abandoned, demons I’ve kissed

Who am I to wrestle with earth?

I afflicted myself, that day, at birth

You are an angel straight from the city of light

I am a sinner but when I’m with you, I strive to be a saint

Fallen angels were once angels, pain created demons and the demons bathed in love


If millions upon millions of angels can dance on the head of a pin how many devils are impaled on it’s sharp tip?

~DiosRaw, 17/09/21

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