Honour (as a noun) is defined as personal integrity and an uprightness of character. Someone who acts with honour is said to have high moral character. As a verb, to honour someone means to hold them in high regard or treat them with courteous respect.

The practice of yoga incorporates the concept of honour through respecting others, oneself and one’s physical limitations.

Yoga teachers often mention honoring the physical body when practicing asanas. By accepting and honouring the body’s needs and limitations, the practitioner avoids injury and gains the full benefits of each pose without judging or competing with anyone else. Honouring the body may mean modifying a pose or using props because of an injury or lack of flexibility.

But honour in yoga isn’t just about accepting physical limitations; it also involves honouring the whole self. To do so requires self-compassion and acceptance, which opens the mind to change and growth and, ultimately, brings the yogi closer to the goal of union with the true Self or the Divine.

Finally, a yoga practitioner honours the history and traditions of the yoga practice by learning from the teachings of gurus.

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