8 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {117} ~ How Do You Explain Light To A Blind Man & Sound To A Deaf Man?”

  1. I would imagine this interesting analogy in me, dear Sir.The experience of wisdom within could be identified as light. The absence of stillness within could be identified as sound.

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  2. Like how the presence of divinity is experienced in everything and which is beyond the realms of having sensory inputs. Similarly, perceptions alone won’t suffice for basic understanding when the statement is enumerated the mind is prepared by the practice and turns into the assimilation of knowledge. For example, I am locked up in a dark room, I can’t help that am unable to see and will be miserable. Being blind is a lawful consequence of me not being in the sunlight but when I step out in sunlight I can see and if you observe I have not successfully changed anything but the presence of the sun transforms my experience of myself. So explanation will find its way to the preparatory and deserved, but not immune to disability actions.

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