Yoga {5} ~ The Spiritual Benefits Of Yoga

Living by the yoga laws is a wonderful way to summon the many spiritual benefits of yoga, some of which include ~

Spiritual Awakening
Awakening to a higher consciousness is a spiritual experience in and of itself. Through yoga, the soul unifies with the body and the mind. This catalyzes a spiritual awakening—a deep recognition of the fact that we are never alone, and we always have further to rise.

Mental Clarity
One you align with your inner consciousness, a profound sense of mental clarity unfolds. Have you ever waited to make an important decision until after you’ve practiced or meditated? This is because your most enlightened self will be present, and your mind will be clear.

Positive Manifestation
Yoga facilitates the delicate dance between action and detachment. It calls upon us to let go, so we can let in. Oftentimes, through yoga and meditation, we notice the intentions we set in silence find us when we least expect them—a true testament to handing things off to the universe and exhaling.

An Attitude of Gratitude
Every time we bow forward with our hands at heart center, we give thanks. Yoga teaches us to appreciate what is unfolding right now. A lesson in gratitude, each practice compels us to be content and thankful. This can only serve to bring forth abundance and love.

Inner Tranquility
The unification of the mind, body and soul with the universe brings forth an unparalleled sense of inner peace. The kind of peace that comes from within can never be destroyed by outside forces. Yoga is an anchor that holds us in a steady state of tranquility and calmness.

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