When the unbroken circle of the world is closing in and coping with the torturous pain is bearing thin

Wafts of you, my lifetime saviour, call from within

I call upon a friend I’ve known for years

Once again to wrap a subtle blanket over all my tears

I climb inside of our rolled bed

Instantly she begins to relieve my head

Tinted glasses cast over instead

Isn’t this how the world feels beyond numbness shrouds?

She allows our cloud to float higher and higher, head in the clouds

Insights pouring through my cortex, downloads channelling into my pineal, compassion and love for Self arriving

Here there are shades of the ego hiding, allowing space for soul guiding

She’s more precious then diamonds and more treasured then gold

Never have I had someone so willing to be bought, traded or sold

She’s the close friend and always there in my toolkit when I need

She’s the one… the smokey one.

~DiosRaw, 20/09/21

6 thoughts on “Poetry {174} ~ HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, SMOKE BLANKET”

  1. Thank you for taking me,the reader on a flight through the clouds in the smoky blanket with your close friend, dear Poet. I think you can hear the call within your she-friend as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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