Philosophical Questions {119} ~ Why Is There A Deep Relationship Between Philosophy & Art?

What you believe determines the art you produce and philosophy is the formal expression of what you think the universe is essentially. Therefore the artist will produce in art form something that is believed to reflect the nature of the universe and the artist’s relationship to it. This governs every kind of art ~ from pictorial art like paintings, through music, and even including plays and books.

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4 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {119} ~ Why Is There A Deep Relationship Between Philosophy & Art?”

  1. Dear Dios, I agree with you. Also in my understanding philosophy is the deep enquiry of life.The life which is a form of creative skill and ability. Thus philosophy and artistry are inseparable from life.

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  2. Philosophy is a conceptual elaboration of a fundamental metaphysical view. It is aware of its limited reasons whereas having a compassionate, articulated and creative skills are pre-requisites for the arts. The fulcrum of philosophical enquiry is to know about the existence of oneself, but artistic representation requires depiction with images,expressive thoughts, emotions and actions. Both are interconnected by their choice of medium such as religion, politics and theology.

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