You find out what you are from what you are not; everything and nothing

Your home is everywhere and nowhere

Your true identity is no identity

You aren’t an owner but a messenger of the infinity for infinity to infinity

The no-thing is open to everything;
timeless and free

If stars are still lit, there is someone who needs them

Where have you been? I hear you ask

I returned to the river

I returned to the mountains

To the forests, to the jungles, to the woodw

I asked for their hand in marriage again

I begged and beseeched to wed every object and creature in existence

And when they accepted, then I knew my soul, every soul, then I knew

Souls are drawn from the oceans of formless ever-becoming silence.

~DiosRaw, 21/09/21

23 thoughts on “Poetry {175} ~ MESSENGER OF INFINITY MARRIAGE”

  1. I am the river,
    I am the mountains,
    I am the every object and creature in existence,
    For you are the soul, very soul, the eternal celestial dancer who could never escape destiny’s hand in marriage in the depth of the cosmic ocean. The ocean of sacred sound(Aum) of ultimate reality of consciousness.

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    1. // You aren’t an owner but a messenger of the infinity for infinity to infinity //
      Very beautifully said.You aren’t the owner though you experience the ownership, you aren’t the son of God though you share the burden of fellow human , you aren’t meant to bound though you do with infinity.

      Such profound theme dear Poet. Truly enjoying the rereads. Thank you.

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  2. I am who I am
    in my time
    in my own being
    into which I was put

    I am following the destiny
    through the dream
    as a natural occurrence of the soul

    the stars out of nowhere
    on mother earth we are there
    placed in it born in it

    Nobody knows the depths
    in someone else’s being

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      1. I am not a god
        I have no regalia
        I don’t wear a miter
        I have no teaching to spread
        i am not a master
        i don’t have any students
        I serve the soul
        than a simple person
        just like everyone else

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