Symbols {153} ~ The Orphic Egg

The Orphic Egg is an ancient Greek symbol. It is an egg with a serpent wrapped around it. This egg represents the cosmic egg from which Phanes, a diety, was birthed. Phanes was the diety of procreation and life.

Orpheus was a famous singer from Greek myth. He sang the Cerubus to sleep so he could pass through Hades and rescue his wife.

Phanes was created from the Orphic Egg. Phanes was a hermaphrodite, male/female, deity of light and goodness. He was one of the first gods born of the watery abyss of time. He in turn created the other gods.

The egg and snake represent the cosmos circled by the creative spirit.

3 thoughts on “Symbols {153} ~ The Orphic Egg”

  1. Interesting, Phanes resembles like an ‘Adi Sesha’ ((Sesha-Snake) which is depicted as floating in the ocean, forming the bed of lord Vishnu) and is also known as lord of creation and life. The snake is a symbol of power. Source – Vishnu Sahasranama verse 193 – Bhujagottamah

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