10 thoughts on “Notes {1090}”

      1. Genesis 1: 27 says: “And God went on to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.”

        If you make an image of something, it is usually a representation or impression of the original…

        So is it the same as the original?

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      2. Interesting question, you’re getting me to delve deep.. It is the same and is not the same at the same time, paradoxically.. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Yes it is interesting.

    I believe man was not meant to rule himself. However, man decided he would try, due to Satan the Devil a long time ago…questioning the issue of Sovereignty.
    He was the first to say: “Man can rule himself, and be independent from God. ”

    How did God handle this?

    Well, if you imagine a classroom full of students and teacher writes down a mathematical equation on the board and one of the students says… “that’s wrong, that won’t work!!”

    How does the teacher handle this?
    Does he tell the student to be quiet, or kick him out the classroom?!
    He could do those things, but he doesn’t…
    Instead he offers the chalk to that student, stands to the side, and says to him: “OK show me how you would do it. ” (all the classroom is watching).

    He gives the student enough time to try and work it out and solve it…

    If it becomes apparent that the student cannot solve the equation, then the teacher has to step in and show the student and the rest of the class the “right” way.

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  2. We are now at the time where it is becoming very apparent that the “student” cannot solve the equation…

    The “teacher” knows the right time to step in.

    The question is: What do we choose?

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