Poetry {176} ~ REQUIEM ENIGMA

Our thoughts and words and concepts and opinions crumble to dust

Your future is a hallucination

Your past a phantom hologram

You yourself are an illusion

Sagaciously gloaming melanite eyes penetrate the matrix

Resonating euphoniously ululated spiralling memories

The shadow land of illusion wavers

Rising out of the ash of the previous civilizational fire

Wallowing in the blood of wars strident refuge

Gnomic relics errant of an enigmatic almondine heart

A ruminantly nostalgic requiem

Sedititiously traversing the firmament

Ineffably manifested

Embracing the silk velvet garments of love

Sound mind synchronistic cacophany

Devouring the delusional devout

Veridically inspiring ascendancy

Decieving serenities whisper throughout

The dominions audaciously

Rousing ambivalent fears

The doves of meta-morphosis.

~DiosRaw, 22/09/21

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