I’ve only divulged that my true illumination comes from darkness that covers my visions from the pressure created inside

I am neither the body, nor the mind that bridles and fashions it

The realization strikes

The horse and the rider will submerge in the river at the limits of reality

The consciousness, the storm petrel, would cross the limits of the sky of the mind

Painted by the maya world through life times

To super consciousness, beyond the bubble of universes

The presence before the beginning, timeless  

Where there are no two, “I am that”

Nothing but the primordial omnipresent One

Not this Not this, start your Quest

Thou Art That, only then you rest

Till you discover who you are not

You will never Realize, in myth, you will be caught in the web of stories

Don’t lose your Spiritual zest.

~DiosRaw, 23/09/21

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