Staged theatre, staged food shortages, staged climate change, staged events to pull on panic, staged fuel shortages, staged history, staged spirituality all to feed the elites the insatiable hunger of fear loosh energy

What is real in God’s dualistic devil theatre?

The algorithm we live in has become the burnout nightmare we’ve been given

A constant flow of concessions, sad contrivances to survive this cog in the machine existence

The fight seems pointless with only minor bouts of resistance

If history teaches us anything it is that liberalism leads to communism and then tyranny

The boot has kicked the door and totalitarianism is here

There won’t be any eulogy for this lie we call democracy

While men of prestige and property
have been constantly fighting
against those who bring the lightning
of enlightening insights about this fight

Shrinking borders while expanding profits

Supporting fascists regimes, whilst demolishing and reorganizing
governments that try socializing
their own country’s resources

Our local war mongers want to rehabilitate the image that people hate
twist and change the slang, rework and spin everything over and over again
as the kings of what is truly Orwellian

So close to destroying
the environment and every human edifice, every ounce of progress
in the name of capitalistic and socialistic measurements of success

Understand that many do not see what is happening and forgive, finding new ways to love eachother

Thinking we can get where were going

By forgetting all we have been

We rarely understand our place among giants.

~DiosRaw, 24/09/21

16 thoughts on “Poetry {178} ~ ORWELLIAN NIGHTMARE”

  1. 💙 💙. Our most powerful power is to find new ways to connect with each other with love…and forgive those who can’t see what is happening. ‘Thinking we can get where we’re going..By forgetting all we have been.’….says it all. Thank you.💙

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    1. Absolutely Mairi, I appreciate your comment my friend. Having the awareness that many cannot see whay is happening and sending love, and also, connect in new ways with eachother indeed. 🙏🏻♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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