Did You Know {157} ~ Wasps Attack When Drunk

If you’ve noticed that wasps seem to become more aggressive in the late summer, it’s not just because you’re outside more often, trying to soak up the sun before fall. Worker wasps have a single job: to supply their queen with nectar. And when they’ve stored up all they can, they have nothing to do. So they do what many of us might: they get buzzed—on fermented fruit. They feast on fruit that’s fallen off the tree and, in their drunken stupor, think it’s a good idea to attack something much bigger than they are.

4 thoughts on “Did You Know {157} ~ Wasps Attack When Drunk”

  1. The poor wasps are having their natural food supplies die out do to the corrupting of nature of greedy, uncaring man. So they’re eating dead fruits instead now. They don’t normally want to get drunk.

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