The true artist does not varnish pictures,
the true artists lends themselves to be a vessle and emody the paintbrush in the sibylline palms of existence

The true musician does not play an instrument but welcomes the self to be an instrument played by the recondite breathing ether that encircles all things; and exorcises the universal psyche

Do you witness and see? There is nothing you need to do, or seek, or find or become or do

No blinding lights, no grand awakening although that may be for you ~ to understand that you are not just creative, you are creation itself

Wisdom is the opening into that very vastness, to be contained by that which has no edge, and there find, there is no center

It is to fathom the mystifying Great Mystery, and at the same time find
the Delphic Great Mystery fathoming you.

~DiosRaw, 26/09/21

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