Yoga {12} ~ Asanas/Poses {1} ~ Bharadvajasana/Bharadvaja’s Twist

Bharadvajasana is a seated spinal twist asana and hip opener named after the Hindu guru Bharadvaja. It is also known in English as Bharadvaja’s twist.

The asana has several variations, but the most basic begins in dandasana (staff pose), a seated position with the legs extended in front. The weight is shifted to the right buttock, as the knees bend and the legs drop to the left. The left inner ankle should rest in the arch of the right foot. The upper torso then twists to the right as the right hand rests on the floor behind the body and the left hand rests palm up on the outer right thigh. Only then does the head turn to gaze over the right shoulder. To complete the asana, switch sides and repeat.

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