~Yogic Marriage~

Yogic marriage is a term which can refer to a marriage that takes place while the couple are on the spiritual path of yoga. In this kind of marriage, the husband and wife are seen as spiritual companions for one another. Their marriage is a sacred union between their souls.

The ideal of yogic marriage is one where the couple journey together to awaken to their true nature and to realize the Divine within themselves. They can effectively become helpers to each other on this path.

Yogic marriage can also refer to a specific kind of Hindu marriage within Shaivism, where sadhus may marry in order to receive positive energy from performed rituals.

The spiritual teachings about a yogic marriage state that it becomes like a united consciousness. The couple are united in their happiness and their spiritual journey because of this joined consciousness.

Some spiritual teachings suggest that a yogi who is also a householder must remain celibate until they find an ideal partner to marry. Then, after children have been conceived, they will see each other purely as a mother and father. In this way, the whole purpose of the marriage vows is to create the conditions to allow a soul or souls to incarnate.

In a yogic marriage, the couple will work together to live in a way which is ideal for allowing them both to live a spiritual life with their truths unfolding. They will recognize in each other and in themselves that they are far more than just a physical body or a mental being, and see their spiritual nature.

Many of the teachings about yogic marriage recognize that marriage is not an easy union, but that it requires understanding and honoring. It can even be described as a yoga in itself.

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