Philosophical Questions {125} ~ Do People Need Friends? Why?

Do we need friends? Here’s some thoughts. It goes with the saying that no man is an island. No matter how introverted we are, no matter how much we cherish our alone times, many of us still crave for that someone whom we could share those moments with; our lives are interwoven the moment we smile and talk with someone.

I believe seeking companionship is an instinct we’ve developed for survival. There is safety in numbers, having more people makes hunting/scavenging easier and in order to maintain the human race one needs the opposite sex to procreate. Also it’s nice to be able to take comfort in the knowledge that you have someone to support you both physically and mentally as well as sharing beautiful moments. Not everyone is born with a desire or ability to enjoy the company of others and that’s okay as we learn a lot about ourselves when we are alone with ourselves. Some humans need and want friends and others don’t.

Feel free to share your thoughts below…

4 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {125} ~ Do People Need Friends? Why?”

  1. I believe we do. 👍Human beings are naturally social pron. We are made to live in a society and friends allow us to share our inner feelings, fears, desires and dreams. True friends allow us to be the way we really are without a mask. I’m very happy for having you as a friend my dear Amber. 😊

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