Transfixed into the heart of madness and see tranquility ejected back

Like a swarm of cicadas swarming around dimming gaslight

A higher cosmic wisdom embraces snd envelops the castaways

The unsaid word heals the souls scarred and tormented by the delusional world of sounds

In solitude the irrefutable truth dawns over sacred hearts

Humming and tapping against the window pane beyond the silhouettes of dim lit faces, beyond the city skylines, beyond the cascading silky clouds

Into the horizon – infinite

Stalled into the vast nothingness which cradles our civilisational ego.

~DiosRaw, 27/09/21

7 thoughts on “Poetry {181} ~ CASTAWAY HEART OF MADNESS”

  1. Reading this brings to mind a couple of thoughts. The first being that madness and tranquility are left to perception. The second being that through darkness, madness, and pain we can heal and come understand and love the light. The light is not so blinding and the dark is not so mysterious

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